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Hello. My name is Kim and i would like to present you NEXTDOOR - your magazine for business communities in Dubai. We take a look behind closed doors and introduce companies, their teams and their values to each other. Dubai provides a special environment for businesses by dedicating certain areas to companies only. We call these areas “business clusters” - non-residential units located within a close proximity to each other. The companies within these clusters however, do not always know their neighbors and what they have to offer. These companies however do not know what other companies are around them, which brings NEXTDOOR into play.

We are distributing this beautiful magazine to thousands of companies within areas such as media city, internet city or DIFC. On the one hand this provides targeted exposure to the highlighted companies, on the other hand it creates opportunities for co-operation, synergies and partnerships to all of us. While we are highly proud of our printed magazine, we are of course aware that we are living in a digital age where information should be accessible from everywhere, at any time. That is why you can access all the information about our members also on our website

Some of the benefits of NEXTDOOR include:

1) Business exposure to thousands of companies.
2) Get in touch with suppliers, partners or clients.
3) Become part of our initiative to build up and maintain a healthy neighborhood business community.
4) News and updates about your business neighborhood.

You want to list your company or advertise your business in NEXTDOOR?
please feel free to register online on or call us +971 (0) 442 119 08


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